Vehicle Light Painting Package

Nighttime Photography Sessions

  • 1 hour
  • 90 US dollars
  • Chosen location by client or myself

Service Description

Book ANYTIME AFTER SUNSET. For now session are only available from Thursday-Sunday 7pm-10pm This package will include multiple angles of the car including front, side profile, rear, angled front, faded hood with engine if desired, or any other requested angles. I also could use what’s called the PixelStick which inputs different sets of colored light streaks or logos around the car in photos if desired as well, examples in the gallery. I can take 3 cars per session so bring your friends, this is $90 per car. What is Light Painting? The reason that a light painted picture looks so incredible is because the light is literally wrapping around the subject. Normally, we see objects lit from only one angle, often the sun, which can get a bit dull at times. In addition, there will be cool reflections on the body of the car that trace the path of your light, giving the shot a highly commercial look. A ‘light painting’ is an image that is created by capturing a long exposure in a dark scene, anything the light captures will be in the photo which in this case is the car. Since light painting involves leaving the shutter of the camera open for some time, we will need to wait until it is dark outside so please book a little after sunset. If you try light painting during the day, you will get a completely white image. Getting Started: What do I need from you? All I need is for you to make sure your car is clean. Although I can edit specks of dirt out of images it is especially hard to do so in videos, unless you are going for a grungy style, you’ll want to make sure the car is squeaky clean.

Session Hours

Cancellation Policy

Weather can have a huge affect on photo sessions, due to this there is an option to reschedule or cancel. If photos are an immediate need during bad weather then we will do photos/videos without aerial photography.

Payment Policy

Payments can be made in person or PayPal invoice up to a week after the session.