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Go over the selling process with me!

  • 45 minutes
  • Location choice of your home, my office, or local coffee shop

Appointment Description:

If you are truly ready to sell your home and want it listed ASAP, make sure your home is prepared and staged for photos. Luckily I am a professional photographer and can get photos the first day we meet! If you are not in that much of a rush we can still figure out a date, after your home is prepped and staged, to get professional photos taken. During the listing appointment we will figure out your motivation to sell, go over a price range of what price you should list the house for, and do a quick walk-through of your home to determine the property condition and any issues that potential buyers should know about. This appointment is also about any questions you may have that I can answer for you so between now and the appointment date you can think of some things that you are not so sure about that I can figure out for you. If you decide I would be a good fit to assist in selling your home we will sign a Listing Agreement together which contains the duties of each party and you exclusively choose me to work for you on your behalf in finding a buyer of your home. Afterwards we will go over a quick estimated net sheet of what you could potentially get once selling your home on closing day. Then lastly I will give you a Property Disclosure Statement that you must fill out on your own, but I will gladly assist with any questions you have with it. This statement is basically a list of all known material facts of the property that would have a significant adverse impact on the value of the property.