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Go over the buying process with me!

  • 45 minutes
  • Location choice of your home, my office, or local coffee shop

Appointment Description:

During the buyer consultation we will figure out your needs & wants of your future home, your motivation to buy, go over a price range of what you'd like to spend on that home, and go over the process of buying a home. This appointment is also about any questions you may have that I can answer for you so between now and the appointment date you can think of some things that you are not so sure about that I can figure out for you. If you decide I would be a good fit to assist in finding your perfect home we will sign a Buyer Representation Agreement together which contains the duties of each party and you exclusively choose me to work for you on your behalf in finding your home. We will then go over a quick estimated net sheet of what you could potentially spend up until closing day. After this appointment, I will set you up with a client portal of houses personalized just for you that shows homes before they are even listed on other websites.