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Shooting off to Space

The most common start for any photographer is mother nature herself. For me this wasn't the start, it was more of something I could do while I wasn't focusing on cars. Just about anybody could go to a local scenic spot and take photos of running water, overlooks, or even woodland. After photographing local spots I found I wanted to do more than just that, I wanted to capture photos out of this world, the night sky. The first night sky object I captured was our own galactic center of the Milky Way and I stuck with that object for a couple years until one new object appeared in the sky, a comet. March 27th 2020 Comet NEOWISE was discovered and I couldn't believe the site of it, I thought to myself "if only I could get a closer look of it", and that's when a new quite expensive hobby started. 

I didn't even know how to begin astrophotography, but with a recent conversation with a co-worker we both decided to jump into it and bought telescopes. Soon after I learned I needed more than just a telescope and it felt like a never ending spending spree, but it was worth it in the end. Unfortunately I did buy during a pandemic so I had to wait months for my gear to arrive so I researched what objects I could capture out there. 

Finally everything I needed to start this hobby has arrived, I was ready and ecstatic! I had a full list of what I could capture first, but the question was which one? I went to the darkest sky site I could find nearby and aimed the telescope to my first deep space object, the Triangulum Galaxy, 2.9 million light years away meaning it took 2.9 million years for the light of the galaxy to touch my camera. It was out of this world figuratively and physically, after sitting hours of capturing this galaxy I could only think of what else I could capture out there. In just one year I captured a handful of nubulae, galaxies, star clusters, the moon, and the sun. But my all time favorite was Andromeda Galaxy, I saw a photo on Instagram of it a while back and thought I'd never be able to do that. But here I was taking that same photo with my own equipment and my own personal view of it. Now I felt like I was on the top again like I did when we took private photos of super cars. This time it was for good.