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The Desire for Film Making 

Ah yes, everyone loves watching film and videos. They help people escape from real life for a few hours or even just a couple minutes by distracting everything that is going on, even if everything is fine in life, they provide enjoyment that helps people relax a little more. I hope my videos do the same in this case. I always watched the cinematic car videos on YouTube when I got bored, with the slow motion shots, the videos of the car accelerating, and the music that seemed to always pair great with it. I knew how challenging it was to create these videos, with all the gear needed to make them and how much work went into the whole film, but even so I still decided to give it a try. 


 At last, I purchased a Sony A7III camera for better filming, a gimbal for the steady shots, and wireless microphones to get the exhaust noises of the cars I would eventually film. I then got in touch with a friend on Instagram and asked if I could film his 2013 Subaru STI hatchback to test out my gear, of course I had some trouble figuring out how to use it and even when I thought I captured sound on my microphone I went to edit it and found out I indeed did not. Luckily I was able to get the audio fixed before he had to leave out of state and I also used my drone to capture some aerial views with his car to add to the video. After a long time editing I had completed my first cinematic film (below) and was very excited how it turned out simply from just learning form the YouTube videos I've watched from before. I am also going to expand cinematic film out in my real estate photography services using a drone for exterior video and camera for interior videos of homes. I am glad I can add this subject to my portfolio of things I can do as this was an awesome experience and hope to turn this into a career along with flying my drone as the two go hand in hand. Just like drones, making videos can give many different perspectives of things and are great for just about anybody out there!