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The Beginning of My Photography

It begins with the toy cars as a kid, helping dad in the garage at night, and the wonder of how and why cars work the way they do. Sixteen comes around and I buy a 1999 Eclipse. I bring it to school and find out a friend buys the same car! We drive around after school and look for local spots to take pictures of the cars. Both of us decided it would be nice to get better quality photos so we get DSLR cameras and just start shooting away without any experience. I begin to research how to get even better photos and how to edit to squeeze the best out of them. This is when the photography starts to really get serious for me, I wanted to become better at it. 

A year goes by and I've been going to car shows to practice my photography skills. I run into another fellow-photographer around my age and it turns out he was starting the same way I was. He starts finding people to take photos of their cars and I tag along to try out my first photo session of someone else's car. We both improve after each session along with our editing skills. Not long after a couple shoots and we start taking photos of super cars, like the silver McLaren 12C below, and I felt like I made it to the top of photography! 


But what goes up must come down.. We go to college and begin our own lives. A couple years go by, I bought a new ride and go to car shows again. I made business cards then start putting them on the cars that really stood out to me. I casually get back to what I liked doing again and it felt good. I buy a second car, one that I wanted since I was 16, a 2004 Pontiac GTO. I began to cruise around with a friend and his 69' Camaro and take photos of both the cars, almost like I was back in high school again driving the Eclipse's finding the best spots to capture photos of our cars.